Whole Wheat Sourdough Crackers I

The night before (or at least 8 hours before) mix 1 cup of your sourdough starter (see Sourdough Starter recipe) with enough whole grain flour (soft or hard) to make a stiff dough and then place in fridge till you make the crackers.

- ¼ c. lard, coconut oil or butter (cut up into small pieces)
- ½ t. celtic sea salt
- ¼ t. baking soda
- extra “sprouted wheat” flour, arrowroot powder or white flour.
- seeds or herbs for topping

In the morning, combine the sourdough, fat, salt, and baking soda. Start mixing and add enough extra flour/powder until it is quite stiff and dry. Put out on a floured surface and roll out and fold until the fat is well incorporated into the dough.

Preheat the oven to 375º F and grease a sheet pan. Take a small portion of the dough (about ¼ c.) and roll it out on a floured board using a rolling pin, adding flour if it’s too sticky, until it is very thin. Be careful, this is rather delicate dough so feel free to use ample flour, if necessary. Sprinkle with seeds, sea salt and herbs and lightly roll these topping in. Cut into cracker shapes using a pizza cutter or sharp knife or fun shaped cookie cutters. Transfer the crackers to the sheet pan. Repeat with another ¼ c. of dough until the sheet pan is filled with crackers.

Bake crackers in batches as necessary for 10-15 minutes or until just golden brown. Some might cook before the others and you need to remove them as they cook.